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Rental Property Inventory and Condition Form Inventory and condition form concerning the property at Complete the move-in section of this form and return it to your Landlord within the time required by your lease. All items are presumed to be in good condition unless noted otherwise. Test all locks window latches smoke detectors and equipment. This form is not a repair request. Submit all requests for repairs separately in accordance with your lease. All items are presumed to be in good...
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Lease and Rental Agreement Tenant's Liability for Damage and Injury to Landlords Tenant and Landlord agree to defend and indemnify each other against any and all claims, expenses (including attorneys' fees, court costs, lost wages, loss of the use of your home, and the costs of repaying any rent), losses, liabilities, claims or suits (whether civil or criminal, indirect or direct), actions or proceedings, claims, judgments, administrative actions or proceedings, fines, penalties, forfeitures, fees, costs or expenses, expenses or other amounts for the breach of the clauses of any rental agreement and all of its provisions made, adopted or approved by you or your Lessor. Your liability to your Landlord will not exceed one month's rent. Cannot Change Lease Termination After 90 Days You have the right to cancel your lease at any time following your 90th day in a lease that has a non-renewable fixed term. If your lease has a non-renewable fixed term, within 30 days of your 90th day in the tenancy, request a 60-day lease extension to your landlord prior to the expiration of the lease term. Landlord Not Complying with Terms of the Lease Your landlord must follow all terms of the Lease and you must pay all rent due. If your Landlord does not comply with the terms of the lease or with any law applicable to landlords or tenants such as the landlord's criminal conviction record, landlord's tax assessments, landlord's refusal to rent to you based on your credit history, landlord's refusing to maintain your lease, landlord's failure to perform repairs or maintenance, landlord's failure to provide you with utilities (roof, gas, water, etc.), landlord's failure to provide you a free copy of the lease or a written agreement to cancel the lease, or landlord's conduct that is in violation of federal or state civil or criminal laws, we may terminate your occupancy of the premises and your access to the premises. Termination/Refunds You have the right to cancel your lease at any time after 90 days, provided that you gave written notice to your Landlord no later than 45 days prior to your date of termination. Landlord must send you an electronic termination notice to your email address.

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Instructions and Help about rental property condition form
Welcome in this video we'll be discussing the new rental inventory tracker excel template this is a free excel template from in Zurich our if you are a business owner of a rental business where you rent equipment or items to your customers then you will find this template useful to track inventory, so this template can help you know how many items are being rented out already and how many items are currently in stock you can also determine how many items will be expected in the inventory in the future based on future dated rental contracts or rental orders you can use this template for any type of rental business whether it's renting furniture renting wearing items or even lending books in a library now in this video we will see how the template works and I will be using the template filled in with some sample data so that we can illustrate the features of this template, so this is our Excel template where I am in the home sheet which is the beginning sheet which has the list of instructions very, very simple templates or very simple instructions, and then we can go to the essays sheet this is where I have already entered a few sample assets, so I have chairs and desks and tables and I have entered the number of items that we have for each of those assets so for example in our business we have 25 bamboo chairs to any desks and 10 round coffee tables and so on and the calculations here the last two columns are automatic they will calculate how many items have been rented out and how many are currently in stock and at the top you have the total number of items and total rented out and noticed in stock when you become using the template where you haven't entered any assets then these things will be 0, but these things will be updated based on what we will be entering the orders sheet so let's go to the order sheet in this sheet we have this table where we will be entering each rental order or rental contract that we have from our customers so for example order number 1 on May 1st 2016 varies even order for renting two bamboo chairs, and they wanted the specific set of chairs to be rented out from 15 may, and they will return it back to us on 20th May, so that is the specific rental order for order number one and order number three for example there are two sets of assets, so they need three round coffee tables and four rectangular tables and they they they have different rent out and return dates, but they also could have the same rent out and return dates and so each and every order we will list all the details here and then the last column you can use it to track any communications with a customer or contact information for the customer their phone number or email address or other things, and you can add more columns by typing in another field name here in h7, and then you'll create a new column they can keep adding new columns to store any information that you want about the orders or the customers the top section here is the availability check...


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